Equal Opportunity & Education For All

Nubian Foundation is a non-profit organization on the mission to bring accredited American Community Colleges and Universities educational models to Nigeria.

After decades of neglect and inequality, it is time for Nigerian students to get the same fair chance at education as their counterparts abroad. We believe that through partnerships with American institutions of higher learning, we can provide equal education and opportunities to Nigerian students.

Why We Started Nubian Foundation

Currently, Nigeria possesses the largest population of out-of-school learning youths in the world and the Nubian Foundation is rising to the clarion call to create opportunities and establish one of the best colleges in Nigeria to equip its students with the skill set to excel.


Nubian American Advanced College

Nubian American Advanced College was created to give the best education to Nigerian students the way it is done in America where they have the holistic education system, empowering students with leadership, economic and social skills, where there is a defined relationship between education, industry and the society.

The college offers professional, pre-professional, vocation programme and is committed to top-quality education and offer the following courses: Arts & Sciences, Agriculture, Technical & Vocational Studies, Engineering, Health Sciences and Nursing, Engineering Technology and ICT and Pre-professional courses in Medicine, Law, Pharmacy, Density, etc.

Part of the uniqueness of the college is that it offers work/study and cooperative programmes for those that need the extra funds to afford their education and internship programmes with companies and Industries to provide students with hands on education and familiarity with the private sector to facilitate jobs at graduation.

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Changing Lives, One Student at a time.

We believe in the power of education and its ability to bring about change in our society. With your help, we can provide equal education and opportunities to Nigerian students. Join us!