Nigeria's Leading supplier of production chemicals.

Nubian Chemicals has been an integral part of the Nubian Group since its inception in 1986. The company has helped develop and promote several production chemicals in the Nigerian market. We are partners with Melzer Chemicals, a market leader in production chemicals in India.

Melzer has three modern well-equipped manufacturing facilities near Kurkumbh, in Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA. This modern Production Facility is characterized by Well Controlled operations with particular emphasis on its excellent Technical and Logistic support. The company has extensive manufacturing capabilities in the production of powder and liquid chemicals for the oilfield application.

At Nubian Chemicals, we use our in-house technical expertise to conduct field test evaluations and recommend the best treatment solutions that provide oil & gas producers the most efficient and cost-effective operations supported by after sales services.

The chemicals we supply

Production Application Chemicals.

Pour point depressants, Asphaltene and Paraffin Dispersant, Viscosity Reducer/Sludge Dispersant, De-emulsifiers and Reverse Emulsion Breakers, Corrosion inhibitors- Gas-line & Oil-line, Scale inhibitors I & II, Biocides- Aldehyde/Amine/NANA Type, Hydrogen Sulphide scavengers, Hydrate inhibitors, Water Injection Corrosion Inhibitor, Oxygen Scavengers, Filter Aids and Coagulants, Anti-foaming/ Defoamers.

Production Application Chemicals.

Acid -Corrosion inhibitors, Inhibitor Aids, Biocides, De-emulsifiers and Reverse, Emulsion Breakers, Non-Ionic and Non-emulsifiers surfactants, Acid Emulsifier, Diverting Agent, Encapsulated Breakers, Anti-Sludge agent (cationic/non-ionic /anionic), Iron and Clay control agent, Buffering agent, Wellbore clean up agent