Nubian Trade Services

Nubian Trade Services(Fashion)

Nubian Trade has been awarded the Exclusive License from Lemon Holdings (Europe) to trade under the name of L’europa in Nigeria.

L'europa is an International fashion brand... L'europa being organized by a Vertical Industry as well as service line, knows the particulars of affordable Clothing and delivers. Addressing the sensory needs of the Middle Class globally, we understand that there are Men and Women out there who have a difficult time getting branded clothing with affordability. We have listened to them to license L'europa into Nigeria, and we continue to listen.


A portfolio of over 400 international brands of fashion and designer wear. These range across all continents of America, Europe, Asia and Australia. A wide range of products defining various styles of dressing, the stores typically carry Summer, Autumn and Spring wear. There are many innovations in the structure of operations in L'europa. Our In-house Industry leaders with their real-world experiences have identified three key factors that define their success: RIGHT PRODUCT - RIGHT QUALITY - RIGHT PRICE.

L'europa purchases the Stock in Huge Quantities, directly from the Manufacturers, which includes Over-runs and Surplus production quantities. This allows maximum price efficiency to be achieved, therefore passing on the bulk of the benefits to the Wholesalers and retailers, which in turn is passed on to the customers, who are only too happy to get value for their money. This makes a powerful impact on L'europa where, top Brands in the World available at amazing prices, create an unbeatable Combination. L'europa has since, done away with the usual long and elastic chain of Mid-link traders, in the process, cutting down a substantial amount of cost differences, and have been in direct relationship with the Manufacturers of these Brands, which has also contributed heavily in our dream turned reality of general affordability.

Supply Chain & Warehousing

By identifying distinctions between functional and efficient supply chain, L'europa over the years, have learned to align strategies with needs for improved efficiency. Having overcome, with adequate modules in place, L'europa have successfully reduced and in some areas eliminated, excess inventories, fluctuating inventories, shortages and stock-outs which would mean longer lead times.

Having a strong distribution and warehousing strategy is critical to our success in today's fast paced retail world. Our Supply Chain allows us to react to rapid changes in the marketplace surrounding our Stores. Our extensive network of dedicated warehousing and distribution operations enable us to fulfill our commitment to our Stores across the globe. Our strategic warehousing locations in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Dubai and Nigeria ensure efficient distribution solutions. Inventory management and control - Order processing inbound and outbound - Bar-Coding, Repackaging, Labeling and Quality Control - Supplier Performance, Cross-docking and flow distribution - dynamic replenishment - Retail Store distribution - is just business as usual every day at our centers.

L'europa airfreights all shipments ensuring all the format stores are adequately stocked at any given time.

Nubian Trade (Farhan Water)

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