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Pharma marketing refers to the marketing of drugs and medical devices by private and public organizations to doctors, clinicians and consumers.

Pharmaceutical marketing is big business and it continues to grow at a rapid rate. In fact, the marketing spend in the pharmaceutical sector has increased by nearly 70% in the past 20 years and now totals nearly $30 billion dollars.

Nubian Kemet believe the future of pharma marketing is bright. Nubian Kemet is registered with the CAC as a general merchandise company. Our business interest includes pharmaceuticals, condoms, everyday variety needs, cosmetics, clothing, energy bulbs etc.


The Nubian Kemet Business model embraces the power of digital innovation while incorporating digital innovation into a customer-first business model which we envisage will succeed in building more effective interactions, deeper loyalty, and lasting brand preference. Nubian KEMET focus is on the giving value to the end –user ensuring that the customers get both qualitative and quantitative service.

Our team



Managing Director

Ayodele Israel
(mrsn mni)

Executive Director

Temidayo Ajulo Gabriel (B.pharm,MBA)